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The Shakespearian

Shakespeares Greatest Achievements

The Globe
The Theatre
Elizabethan England


Shakespeare has an endless list of wonderful achievements. If I were to walk the streets, anywhere, asking people if they have heard of Shakespeare, I would not get many answers saying “no”. Everybody knows the name William Shakespeare. He is considered the best playwright of all time. Even being able to write plays in his time was an achievement, because of the amount of illiterate people there were. In his lifetime, he wrote 38 plays, and an outstanding 154 sonnets. He was a great faithful husband, and a proud father of 3. Not only was Shakespeare well known in his time, he is being studied in high schools all across the world. It takes something special to be studied in schools, centuries after your death.

Since the 19th century, Shakespeare's achievements have been more consistently recognized, and throughout the Western world he has come to be regarded as the greatest dramatist ever.
One of Shakespeare's most renown plays would probably be Romeo and Juliet. Everyone knows of the undeniable love between the two lovers, of the tragic story of two people who want nothing more than to see each other only to be thwarted by their family.


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