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The Shakespearian

Shakespeares Life

The Globe
The Theatre
Elizabethan England

Timeline of Shakespeares life

April, 1564 – 23rd- John and Mary Shakespeare give birth to their son, William, in Stratford Upon Avon. 26th- William was christened at the Holy Trinity Church.

Approx. 1570 - William begins grammar school.

Approx. 1579 – William leaves school to become an apprentice at his fathers shop.

1582 - William Shakespeare marries Anne Hathaway who is 7 years older than him.

1583 - Anne and William Shakespeare have a baby girl, Susanna.

1585 - Anne and William Shakespeare have twins, a boy, Hamnet who dies at age 11, and a girl, Judith who died when she was 77 years of age.

1588 - William leaves his wife and 3 children at home in Stratford, to travel to London to work as an actor and playwright.

1594 – Due to the plague, all theatres in London are closed. William becomes part of the Lord Chamberlains Men.

1597 – William Shakespeare is rich enough to buy New Place, the second largest property in Stratford.

1599 - William and a group of other actors build a new theatre, The Globe Theatre.

1601 – John Shakespeare, Williams father dies.

1603 - Queen Elizabeth dies and James the First becomes the King of England. The Lord Chamberlains Men becomes the King's Men.

1608 – Mary Shakespeare, Williams mother, dies.

1610 - William Shakespeare returns home to Stratford.

1613 - The Globe Theatre burns down when a spark from a cannon sets the thatched roof on fire.

1614 – The Globe Theatre is rebuilt.

      23rd April, 1616 - William Shakespeare falls ill and dies. In his will  he leaves his wife his second best bed. William is buried in the church where he was christened, 52 years ago.


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